‘Fringe’ season 5 premiere review: John Noble may be a genius

Even though “Fringe” may have jumped forward several decades for their season 5 premiere Friday night, it still in many ways felt like the same show so many knew and loved ever since the writers really started to expand upon the premise in season 2. Plus, it contained a few of what may very well be our favorite moments of the entire series.

First things first, how could you not tear up a little bit over the scene that featured John Noble’s Walter alongside a grown-up Etta? While having a child become an adult overnight could have been awkward and poorly-contrived, this transition was done perfectly to show off some of the love and the pain that existed between these characters. Noble brings some much-needed subtlety to a show that features scary bald men and people getting trapped into amber, and this one scene was the biggest tear-jerker of the night for us, even more so than the shot of him sitting in the back of a taxi near the end of the episode.

However, these was far from the episode’s only notable moment. It was to see that Olivia’s body had really just been transferred around trapped in amber by a group of gypsies, and once she was released, her scenes with Etta were also powerful. It was a little heartbreaking, however, to see that in this world Peter and Olivia were not wearing their wedding bands.

Really, what the premiere did well it did really well. It painted for us a picture of what this world is like decades into the future, and it further established the Oberservers as the true source of evil out to ruin everything that the future stands for. Let’s just hope that as the show progresses, the same amount of emphasis is put on both the characters and the action of the story.

What did you think about this premiere, and did you have a favorite moment? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can also check out some more from Joshua Jackson over at the link here.

Photo: Fox

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