Video: Fox News, Shepard Smith issue apology over airing suicide

We don’t often talk about subjects pertaining to the world of cable news here, mostly because we really have no interest in talking about picking sides on key issues or getting into politics. However, we are into this story for most of the same reason that we were interested in watching “The Newsroom” this past summer. Why? It gives us a rare insight into how the world of television production, including what happens when things go wrong.

Take for instance what happened on Fox News Channel Friday. The network was showing a live car chase, which is really the sort of thing that a good many news organizations choose to show in the middle of the day as a way to generate excitement. However, what happened at the end of the chase was truly shocking, as the man ended up getting out of the car and then shooting himself in the head … and to make matters even worse, it was all shown on live TV.

Shepard Smith was the anchor who was overseeing this whole operation, and it really does seem as though his apology for the incident airing was sincere. In the middle of all this, you do get the opportunity to find out some on how tape-delays work in broadcast news, and the measures that are taken in order to ensure that such incidents do not happen. As a matter of fact, we are sure that the FCC is going to be looking into this.

Politics aside, do you think this incident is just one more shed of evidence that these sort of car chases are not something that should really constitute being “news” in the future? We want to hear some more of your thoughts with a comment below!

Photo: Fox News

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