Ratings: ‘Elementary,’ ‘Last Resort’ solid bets thus far for CBS, ABC

The numbers have come in for Thursday night’s lineup, and above all they really tell us one thing and one thing only: there are really not that many more people watching primetime TV than in years past. Do networks ever consider trying to market towards the millions who do not watch? The result of all this pandemonium Thursday merely ended up becoming a battle to see which shows would end up stealing the most viewers from other shows.

Overall here, the biggest winner as to be CBS. We all knew “The Big Bang Theory” would be a monster, and it was with its 4.8 rating for the season 6 premiere. Meanwhile,”Two and a Half Men” held on to a pretty good percentage of its Monday audience in posting a 3.5 here. As for the rest of the night, “Person of Interest” may have disappointed some with its 2.9 rating, but it did still have over 14 million viewers; meanwhile, “Elementary” had a great start with a 3.1 rating that should grant the series an automatic renewal should it hold up over the course of the full year.

As for the biggest loser here, there’s really no question that it is NBC. We don’t know the final numbers yet for their comedy lineup based largely on the fact that the NFL is inflating the numbers, but expect drops even from last week. Meanwhile, Fox was not much better. Even though “The X Factor” held on pretty well with its solid 3.2 rating, “Glee” was clobbered by “Grey’s Anatomy” on its way to scoring a 2.5 that marks the show’s lowest rating ever for a new, non-special episode.

Grey’s Anatomy” did have the best opening of the night for an hour-long show with a monstrous 4.3, and this shows above all else that Shonda Rhimes still has it going on here despite angering so many people over what happened to Lexie. Meanwhile, we feel a little bit disappointed by both the 2.2 for “Scandal” and “Last Resort.” The one hope each show has is that they are really some of the network TV has to offer, so they could end up increasing as the season goes along (we can only hope). “Last Resort” only fared marginally better than the “Charlie’s Angels” reboot last year, but the primary difference here is that Andre Braugher has a really good show and should retain more viewers week to week.

What did you watch Thursday, and is there anything that surprised you? If you want to look back at our review for “Elementary,” you can do so by checking out the story that is up over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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