‘Two and a Half Men’ season 10 premiere review: Blame Michael Bolton

Last season of “Two and  Half Men” can really be best described as one thing: an experiment. Ashton Kutcher had replaced Charlie Sheen, and executive producer Chuck Lorre pretty much had to hit the ground running in order to ensure that the show would even stay afloat. In some ways, it didn’t; don’t let the recent Emmy win by Jon Cryer fool you.

Thankfully, we are at least happy to admit that we smiled a few times during the season 10 premiere Thursday night (the first time ever it has aired a new episode away from Mondays). Was the show still funny? At times, and the presence of it alongside “The Big Bang Theory” on the schedule pretty much ensures that it will continue to be a ratings monster. However, there’s still no question that this is far from the show it was when Charlie Sheen was a few years ago. The show was better balanced when you had someone crazy and a hound to go along with Alan’s neuroses; Walden is at times too insecure despite his good looks to really mesh with everyone else around him. (Plus, he has relegated some of the supporting characters to doing just the same exact thing over and over again.)

This episode really brought us very little of the “Half” in this episode, as Jake was away at the Army and we only saw him during basic training via Skype. Meanwhile, it appears as though Walden and Zoe are on the outs after she rejected his marriage proposal due to her feelings for another man. To make matters worse, he blamed Michael Bolton (who has become so wonderfully self-depricating at the moment) for it not working out.

The worst part of the episode was the brief scene in which Alan tried to convince Walden to marry him, mostly because it helped us to wonder why this character was popular to begin with. Thankfully, this was over pretty quickly as we had a one-night stand that ended very badly, and Ashton Kutcher ended up this episode in the same place he was a season ago: alone.

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Photo: CBS

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