‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 6, episode 1 premiere review: Raj as the third wheel

“The Big Bang Theory” is back, and the laughs are still as big as ever. The only thing that we were surprised about? That the show was still as funny even with Howard in space.

As it turns out, Howard had just as many problems miles above the earth as he did back in California. Why? His mother and Bernadette were completely and totally at each others’ throats pretty much throughout the full episode when it came to one issue and one issue only: whether or not these three would be one relatively unhappy family living together as soon as he came back home.

To make matters even worse, Howard had yet another problem that was impacting all of his friends: Raj. Without him around, his best friend was in a complete and total tizzy as to what to do with himself. First, he tried to tag along on a date with Sheldon and Amy that was an anniversary gift gone terribly awry. Then, he ended up trying to accompany Leonard and Penny on a “sports date” that Leonard was trying to use as a cover for “let’s talk about our feelings” together. Finally, getting thrown out of two different places really inspired Kunal Nayyar’s character to take solace in someone new in Stuart, who is going to have more of a presence this year now that Kevin Sussman is a series regular for the first time. We know that Howard’s heart is really with Bernadette, but he may feel rather isolated upon his return when he realizes that even his friend has moved on to another friend.

Overall, this was still a funny half-hour of television, and one that proved that the cast and writers still have it six seasons in. While this was not the best episode ever for the show, it was still the kind of escapism that has made the adventures of these geeks so popular to begin with.

What did you think about this premiere, and do you think that Howard in space actually helped to change things up for the show in a good way? Be sure to share some more of your thoughts with a comment below, and you can visit the link here to find out some more about Howard and Bernadette’s relationship.

Photo: CBS

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