‘Elementary’ review: Jonny Lee Miller carves out a hit at CBS

We know that we have said it already, but it is certainly worth repeating: if there is any one show coming up this fall that is more or less a slam dunk for CBS, it’s “Elementary.” It’s an established property in Sherlock Holmes, a genre that the network knows well, and two stars in Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller who each have already some pretty devoted fan followings. It also doesn’t hurt that it has a timeslot Thursday where it is primed to succeed with “Scandal” being the sole competition.

Away from all of this, we are also rather pleased to report that “Elementary” is a rather fine show. We’re not entirely sold on how some of the supporting characters are adapted from the source material, but the invigoration of Holmes and Watson here is thoroughly engaging. Miller’s Holmes is manic, eccentric, but also extremely smart despite a total lack of any sort of discernible social skills. Meanwhile, Liu’s Watson was a very interesting character of her own, a former surgeon who became a sober companion for addicts (as is Holmes) after killing someone on the able.

The strength of these two characters help in some ways to liven up what was otherwise a pretty routine pilot by CBS standards. There was a killing, an investigation, clueless cops, a twist, ad the a grand reveal at the very end. By these standards, this show is probably going to be pretty by the numbers week in and week out. As a matter of fact, Holmes as a consultant is already along the same road as Shawn Spencer (“Psych”), Patrick Jane (“The Mentalist”), Richard Castle (“Castle”), Adrian Monk (“Monk”), or even Mark Sloan on “Diagnosis Murder.” Outside of there being a new Sherlock, there’s really not that much here that was new.

At the end of the day, we do have to give “Elementary” some credit for being entertaining in a sea of similar shows that fulfill a similar niche. We just hope that somewhere throughout this season, the producers remember to keep Holmes and his history in the forefront, and not necessarily a desire to make this show into yet another CBS crime drama.

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Photo: CBS

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