‘The X Factor’ USA: Sophie Tweed-Simmons defends Tara Simon

If you look back on Wednesday night’s new episode of “The X Factor,” there was some pretty random drama that came out of nowhere when contestant Tara Simon, a woman who we claimed was getting a sort of “villain edit” despite being a very good singer, supposedly was caught making some suggestions that fellow contestant Sophie Tweed-Simmons should not have an advantage simply because her father is legendary KISS frontman Gene Simmons. But was this really what happened? This is what we are here to investigate.

First things first, let’s see what Tara posted on her Twitter account to Sophie in defense of herself after the show:

“[Girl], they spliced my convo with that girl together and totally twisted what I said. Such crap. Love you girl, youre great!”

Since we could still see some cynics out there suggesting that Tara is just trying to play the “bad editing” card to save face, we should also show here that Sophie herself also seems to believe that what we saw was not necessarily reality:

“i dont think @tarasimonsings meant what she said on @XFactorUSAediting can be weird sometimes”

It’s really a good thing for Tara’s sake here that she is talking about someone in Sophie here who has such a history in reality TV, and therefore knows that what you say is not always what ends up on TV. She appeared on the A&E show “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” for many years, but she was never kind enough to show off her singing voice last night. She can definitely sing, but as we said in our review, we’re not sure just yet whether or not she is good enough just yet to advance beyond bootcamp stage of the competition.

Just for fun, you can check out both Tara and Sophie’s performances below.

Photo: Fox

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