‘The Neighbors’ vs. ‘Guys With Kids’: which is worse?

It’s been a fun battle of watching inept shows over the past several weeks, but it feels as though we have arrived at the cream of the crop when it comes to terrible entertainment; that’s right, we now have our top two candidates for the worst show of the year.

Luckily, both shows air on Wednesday night, so there is an opportunity to just pretend this night never happened and go on to watch some other stuff the rest of the week.

Guys With Kids – Considering that a guy like Jimmy Fallon is so good at making people laugh, you would think that his show would do the same. Instead, it’s the blandest, most unfunny sitcom out there. It’s only marginally better than “Work It” from last year, mostly because you don’t feel as sorry for the actors in it. Oh, and you can at least understand why NBC made the decision to pick up this show to begin with: Jimmy Fallon’s name goes far with the network, and you also have to remember here that they really don’t have much else to put on the air at this point and are trying to expand their audience.

“The Neighbors” – Now, we turn to ABC’s entry and things get interesting. While we actually think that “Guys With Guys” is the worse show of the two, the fact that “The Neighbors” is even on the air is worse. The idea of a show about real people living among aliens has been done before in reverse courtesy of “3rd Rock from the Sun” and even “ALF” to an extent; in addition, it’s a complete slap in the face to “Happy Endings,” which was getting a spot in the network’s Wednesday lineup. Granted, “Suburgatory” will get this spot for the rest of this season, but it makes no sense that Paul Lee picked up this dreck to begin with. Then again, this guy seems to have one terrible sitcom (see “Work It”) that he puts on the air every year to remind us how good “Modern Family” is. Think about it: we had the Emmy winner for Outstanding Comedy Series paired with an unfunny alien show where the only joke revolved around the aliens naming themselves after athletes.

In your mid, which one of these terrible shows in the worst? Make the impossible decision by voting in the poll below.

Photo: NBC


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