‘Fringe’ season 5 spoilers: Henry Ian Cusick will…

When you have a show like “Fringe,” there are always going to be a series of burning questions on the tip of the tongue of the show’s diehard fans.

So what is one of the most prominent ones this time around? When you remember that the show is going to be leaping forward to the time period featured in the season 4 episode “Letters of Transit,” it really should not come as too great of a surprise to anyone that just about everyone would be wondering if a certain key character in Simon (played by “Lost” alum Henry Ian Cusick) would be back. For the first time, we have an answer to this question; unfortunately, it is still not an answer that gives very much away (much like the recently-released poster for the season premiering on Friday night).

Speaking within a new interview with TV Guide, here is what executive producer J.H. Wyman had to say on this particular subject as to what we should expect from Simon:

“[Simon will appear] in some way, shape or form.”

As we said, this is not much of a huge spoiler here, but isn’t it nice to know that the character will not be completely and totally forgotten? We have a feeling that much of the rest of “Fringe” is going to feel rather similar. Even though the show is leaping forward to 2039, we still expect Wyman and the writing staff to give plenty of love to some of the stories and characters that longtime fans have really come to appreciate. After all, one of the joys in having a show that is so long-running is that it gives you an opportunity to give back.

What sort of role do you want for Cusick this season? If you want to see another new teaser for the season, all you have to do is visit the story at this link.

Photo: Fox

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