‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3: Lucas enters the fray on ‘Pretty Dirty Secrets’

The latest chapter of the “Pretty Little Liars” web series “Pretty Dirty Secrets” has arrived, and overall we have to say that this may be the most exciting chapter that we have seen yet. We have some genuine action here, and we also have our first glimpse at the creepy costume of the “baby face” mask that we have seen in some various teasers for the upcoming Halloween episode over the past several weeks.

The focus of this new installment is Lucas, who seems to be up to some shady business all over again when it comes to the exchange of something rather valuable. The one thing that is especially interesting to us here is despite all of the claims and rumors that he has somehow crossed over into the dark side at some point in the past three seasons, the guy still seems to be somewhat nice at the start of the episode (which you can see here), as he seemingly tries to impress the store’s cashier in new comer Shana (Aeriel Miranda) by talking about the comic book that she is reading.

So is Lucas really working for good, or for evil? It’s a little unclear, but it still seems too obvious that he is some sort of top-secret member of the “A Team.” Really, we think that he is just trying to operate with the interests of one person in mind above all else: himself. Hopefully, we will get a greater sense in the spring season just what this guy is up to, mostly since we are starting to drive ourselves crazy at the moment trying to figure it out.

What do you think about this new chapter? If you want to go back and watch more of this web series, you can do so by visiting the story over at this link.

Photo: ABC Family

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