‘Survivor: Philippines’ preview: Is Lisa Whelchel the new Dawn Meehan?

“Survivor” is a very interesting game, and one of the primary reasons why is just seeing what sort of people are likely to last a long time, and what sort of people are destined to doom themselves courtesy of the elements, the other contestants, and just the general stress that comes out of being on a reality show with other people without any of your everyday essentials.

One thing we have noticed as of late is the tendency for one of the older female contestants to have a breakdown early in the game, but then somehow find a way to go far. Two years ago, we saw this with Holly Hoffman on “Survivor: Nicaragua” as she tried to bury rich man Dan Lembo’s shoes. Then, we saw something similar last year courtesy of Dawn Meehan as she struggled to fit in with the younger people.

So what are we going to see from Lisa Whelchel Wednesday? Her meltdown appears to be in many ways similar to what Dawn went through, and she feels alone in the game despite having one ally on her side in Michael Skupin. The former “Survivor: Australia” contestant may actually have a pretty good point here, though: at this stage in the game, it would make a little bit more sense for her to just tell everyone that she was on “The Facts of Life.” With this, she could have an opportunity to tell some more stories about her life and fit in better; not only that, but she will not run the risk of someone exposing her later.

One thing that does benefit Lisa? That if she follows the same trajectory as Dawn and Holly after their meltdowns, she could go very far in the game. She just need to either keep winning challenges, or find a way to turn things around for her fast.

If you want to see where we think Lisa and the other castaways stand, be sure to check out our full rankings at this link.

Photo: CBS

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