‘The Vampire Diaries’: new hints on Elena’s love triangle

What will happen now?

If you thought there was plenty of confusion when it came to feelings before on “The Vampire Diaries,” just wait and see what is going to happen on this coming season.

Based on the kiss that was exchanged between Elena and Damon during the season finale, Pandora’s box was finally open when it came to the love triangle involving our female lead and the Salvatore brothers — and even though the new goal for Elena is going to be finding Stefan, Nina Dobrev admits that her feelings for Damon could end up complicating things:

“They are joining forces to try and find Stefan to make sure that he’s OK. It’s going to be one of those situations [where] either absence makes the heart grow fonderĀ orĀ out of sight, out of mind. So, it’s going to be interesting to see.”

Paul Wesley’s Stefan is set to begin this season in Tennessee with Klaus, though it is not exactly clear just what sort of plans our resident villain has in store for him now that he is in full-on reaper mode.

Are you hoping that Damon and Elena’s relationship does go to the next level, or do you think this is one of those relationships that is better when everything is kept at arm’s length?

Photo: The CW

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