‘Two and a Half Men’ season 10 spoilers: First photos of Miley Cyrus

We know that Miley Cyrus is going to be a potential love interest for Angus T. Jones’ Jake Harper on “Two and a Half Men” this season; so with this in mind, what in the world is she doing in bed with Ashton Kutcher?

As it turns out, this storyline for the former “Hannah Montana” star (who will be appearing in at least two episodes this fall) is going to be a bit more complicated than any of us initially thought. According to a new report via E! News, Miley’s character of Missi is the daughter of one of Walden Schmidt’s friends, and after spending some time with him in bed he starts to feel a little bit old. With that in mind, she ends up actually getting closer to Jake while he is home from basic training. We don’t know how close they end up being, but the two at least appear happy in the photo to the left.

In speaking to the website about what Miley brings to the show, here is what recent Emmy champion Jon Cryer had to say:

“[Missi] is just coming to L.A. to see what it’s like to live out there and she stays with us for a few days and of course throws everything into disarray … [Miley] is beautiful and remarkable. You will enjoy her on the show!”

This is Miley’s first role since dramatically altering her appearance by cutting her hair, and it is also the first major sitcom gig for her since leaving the Disney Channel. Over the past two years, she has spent a great deal of time in the recording studio, in addition to filming a pair of movies in “So Undercover” and “LOL” that have yet to come out in theaters.

Are you excited to see what Miley is going to bring to the show? Her first appearance will be on Thursday, October 17, and you can check out more about Cyrus on the show here.

Photos: Greg Gayne / Warner Bros.

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