‘Downton Abbey’ season 3, episode 2 review: A wedding [spoiler] and season 3’s first debate

Going in to Sunday night’s new episode of “Downton Abbey,” we admit to having some high hopes; however, at the end of the second episode of season 3, we admit to having some trepidation about a creative choice.

What was our major issue? It’s really just a matter of personal preference, but we felt a bit stabbed in the gut over not getting an opportunity to see Matthew and Mary’s wedding ceremony. The show has built towards this one moment for two years, and we didn’t actually get to see it happen. By the time that the episode actually started up, the wedding was over and we were pushing forward to what was going on at the Abbey in the weeks ahead. This was obviously a move to make sure that there was enough development from what we saw last time for there to be a story, but it was still a controversial move for a show that is a bona fide Emmy contender.

While there was plenty of intrigue this week when it came to relationships, the story that really did excite us was the impromptu party that was thrown at the Abbey after the oven broke down. In some ways, this was a lovely response to the financial troubles that the residence is experiencing, with Martha proclaiming it to be a giant picnic and telling all of the nobles to sit wherever they want. It actually turned out to be a rather fun affair, as there was singing, awkward humor, and it put everyone out of their element a little bit. Our favorite? Watching the Dorager Countess cringe as Martha said she was in love with her (in jest, and in song).

Unfortunately, Martha did still have some bad news to hand out during the occasion: she really could not assist in helping to ensure that Downton Abbey would continue to run; however, she did offer them help anywhere within America. There were other stories involved in this episode regarding missing shirts and Bates being Bates, but we know what the highlight here was on this end. It was a strange episode in many ways, and one that ended with a rather somber note about death that was a reference to a certain cancer diagnosis.

What did you think about Sunday’s episode of the show? If you want to read up on when this series is going to be coming to America next year, plus some news from Michelle Dockery, all you have to do is visit the link here.

Photo: ITV

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