‘Big Brother 15’ speculation: Why not revive Chilltown, the Renegades?

After we posted our speculative list for a possible legends season of “Big Brother” on Saturday, there was another idea sent to us by readers that was definitely worth exploring. If you look back to our original list, one of the biggest problems that we had in conceptualizing it was trying to just figure out what do about alliances. Someone would inevitably have an advantage over someone else based solely on relationships, and this is where re-examining the duo twist from season 13 came across our mind.

While doing an entire season of the show with this twist in mind turned out to be a pretty dumb idea when including both newbies and veterans into the mix, it could feel far different when you are looking at a season where everyone involved has a go-to alliance from day one that they know works well for them, and they will have to work with either other people or alone to figure out what to do.

So what eight duos make the most sense to re-enter the house next summer, that is if producers actually lose their minds and have another season with returning players? With the recent “challenge” from Dr. Will Kirby to Dan Gheesling in mind, here is what we have. Our only criteria? To include great players while also having an equal number of men as well as women.

Mike “Boogie” Malin (seasons 2, 7, and 14) and Dr. Will Kirby (seasons 2 and 6), otherwise known as “Chilltown” – We would be crazy to not have this alliance back, mostly because it is the most notorious one in the history of the game. They would be huge threats from day one, but they do have a knack at getting themselves out of some pretty horrible situations.

Nakomis Dedmon (seasons 5 and 7) and Diane Henry (seasons 5 and 7) – Ignore how terribly they each did in the All-Stars season. There aren’t many great female alliances over the history of this game, and Nakomis was in part responsible for creating one of the craziest plans ever in season 5 to get Jase out of the house. That alone makes them worthy.

Maggie Ausburn and Ivette Corredero (season 6), known by some as “The Nerd Herd” – Yes, everyone hated the Friendship Alliance. It was the dumbest name for an alliance ever (worse that even “The Regulators”), and they were basically floaters in many ways. However, you cannot dispute results … and these two made it to the final two and are as worthy of being here as any other pair.

Even Dick (season 8 and 13) and Daniele Donato (seasons 8 and 13) – These two are lucky enough to not have a cheesy nickname, though they do easily have the most complicated relationship out of any pair in the house. Will they even get along so that they can survive in the game? This is a worthy question.

Dan Gheesling (season 10 and 14) and Memphis Garrett (season 10), otherwise known as “The Renegades” – Remember when Dan did not stab every person in the world in the back? This alliance was thoroughly impressive as the Original Renegades, and it helped him score the only unanimous victory in the history of the show.

Jeff Schroeder (seasons 11 and 13) and Jordan Lloyd (seasons 11 and 13), otherwise known as “Jordeff” – Easily, this is one of the more popular pairs in the show’s history. Jordan has the prestige here as the former winner, and Jeff is the physical threat that people would worry about.

Brendon Villegas (seasons 12 and 13) and Rachel Reilly (seasons 12 and 13), otherwise known as “Brenchel” – Arguably the most polarizing couple in all of reality TV. You either love them or you hate them, but they will bring the necessary drama that Maggie and Ivette probably will not.

Ian Terry (season 14) and Britney Haynes (season 12 and 14), otherwise known as part of “The Quack Pack” – They weren’t necessarily a duo for much of the game, but they were part of the Quack Pack and Britney would have likely taken Ian to the end if given the chance. There is a ton of potential for greatness here, as they are each hilarious and good players in their own way.

What do you think would be the best duos to be a part of this season, and do you think there are any alliances that we are leaving off here (like the Brigade or someone and Janelle) that you would like to see? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and check out some more news from the season 14 finale, including what we want to see change moving forward.

Photo: ABC

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