Exclusive: Jarod Joseph on ‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2, ‘The L.A. Complex’ finale

There’s no denying that Jarod Joseph is a pretty busy guy at the moment. Just in the span of the past year alone, the Canadian-born actor has appeared on a trio of network shows in “Once Upon a Time,” “Fringe,” and “The L.A. Complex.” Not only that, but he is also currently in the process of shooting the upcoming series “Rogue” for DirecTV, who is looking for their next big critical smash after being an engine behind both the conclusions of “Friday Night Lights” and “Damages.”

Considering everything on his plate at the moment, we were lucky to get a few minutes to chat with Joseph, and he was rather kind in giving us a taste of everything that is currently with some of his current shows, how he views his characters, and what it is like shooting multiple projects in a city he knows so well in Vancouver. If you want to catch a promo for the “L.A. Complex” finale, it will be at the tail end of this interview.

Cartermatt.com – You’ve had a pretty busy year in between roles [mentioned above]. What has it been like for you to play so many different characters?

Jarod Joseph – I’m completely spoiled. It’s so early in the game for me. For an actor in my age bracket to have had so many different perspectives so fast is not the way this thing usually goes, let alone to have had the chance to play on such different shows that reach such different viewer outlets. Peers seem to trust me to try different things and that’s an amazing feeling for an actor.

Including ‘Rogue,’ you’ve filmed a good many shows in Vancouver. Is there something you like in particular about working in the city?

For me, I wasn’t acting prior to settling in Vancouver so it’s always felt like going to work and then going home. Which is all a guy can ask for. It’s been cool to show my out of town cast mates around the city and play host a bit. I take great pride in being the local guy.

Since ‘Rogue’ and ‘Once Upon a Time‘ are filming in the same city as mentioned, is it possible that you could be back in Storybrooke as Billy at some point during season 2?

In terms of ‘Once Upon A Time’ it’s always been on a episode-by-episode notice kind of thing. When the script comes out and Billy’s name is in there, I’m ready to rock. Which is always exciting. Especially on a show like ‘Once,’ because I personally never know what the next chapter is until that time and recently I did get that call. Billy will indeed be back this season.

What has the response been like to you playing the role of Christopher Taylor on ‘The L.A. Complex,’ and is there any one thing about the character that fascinates you the most?

I would have to say his unwavering resolve. The precision in which he lives his life without abandoning spontaneity, just the clear cut sense of direction and knowledge of self he has. To be an openly gay black man in the pool with sharks as a lawyer everyday is something I would imagine doesn’t come without a certain amount of crap. And that’s all from the pen of the writers so If I’m giving off at least half of what they intended the character to be like, I’m content.

Can you offer up any sort of tease for the season 2 finale Monday?

I will say specifically that viewers will be crazy impressed with Andra Fuller and the direction he has taken the Kaldrick King character. The man did some incredible work. But the beautiful thing about this show is that no storyline is a dud or a pass over. I don’t think I have to tell that to anyone who watches the show and it’s probably safe to say that with last week’s episodes, it’s pretty clear that every single character has something looming that will be addressed or resolved. Fans will dig.

Have you heard anything about a possible season 3 yet?

I had a brief conversation with [executive producer] Stephen Stohn prior to filming my final scenes this year and he sounded very optimistic that between the quality of television everyone feels is being put out in addition to the ridiculous amount of fan support, that could be enough to merit another season. Both networks (MuchMusic/The CW) are incredibly proud of the product. Although clearly nothing is confirmed, from where I was sitting it didn’t seem as though anyone in the Complex family felt like this would be the last time these characters’ stories would be told and I hope they’re right.

Finally, are there any details you can share about ‘Rogue,’ and does it excite you to be working for someone like DirecTV who has proven in between ‘Damages’ and ‘Friday Night Lights’ that they have a great passion for quality original programming?

Absolutely. In my opinion, the quality of television in general has never been better in the grand scheme of things. I feel like there’s an acknowledgement of a sense of immanency to set fourth a strong show right out of the gate and keep that precedent every week because viewers have never had so many options to choose from. I think DirecTV is right in tune with that, hence the selectiveness of their shows. The beautiful thing about ‘Rogue’ is the respect that it will show the audience. From the writing of creator Matthew Parkhill and company, the brilliant cast of actors who legitimately care about this story, the minds on the production end; no line will be a throwaway, no moment will be a filler, and nothing will be black and white.

Thanks to Jarod for taking the time to answer all of our questions! If you want to catch him on “The L.A. Complex” Monday night, the show will air at 8:00 p.m. on The CW in America, and in Canada on MuchMusic. Be sure to watch the promo below. Meanwhile, pay a visit to this link to watch some of the first sneak peeks from “Once Upon a Time” season 2.

Photos: Kyla Hemmelgarn

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