‘Saturday Night Live’ review: Tres Equis, Ann Romney shine in weak show

This weekend’s edition of “Saturday Night Live” had quite a bit going on; however, there really was not that much of it that was particularly good. Most of the sketches weren’t that funny, and were so not timely that it felt almost as if they were gags that were too weak to include on the first episode because they would scare people away.

As for host Joseph Gordon-Levitt, he did a pretty fine job … but shouldn’t you give an actor of this caliber just a little bit more to do? When you have a show that features the same thrusting gesture more than once for comedic impact, you know that there is a problem.

Let’s start with the few sketches that did really rise to the occasion:

“Live! with Kelly and Michael” cold open – Mostly, this was only good thanks to Jay Pharoah’s ridiculous take on Michael Strahan’s laugh, and the fact that the guy compares himself to a bear when it comes to his sleeping schedule. After all, we have heard a much better Robert Pattinson (who was the “guest” here) from Jimmy Fallon on his own show.

“Tres Equis” – Did we really need two mock commercials featuring the “son of the most interesting man in the world”? No, but they were ridiculous and hilariously funny. As a matter of fact, we’re starting to think that “SNL” should have just made this the whole show.

The Ann Romney and Stephen A. Smith spoofs – We’re not sure if anyone other than ESPN viewers really “got” the second impersonation that we are mentioning her from “Weekend Update,” but the Ann Romney impersonation here was crazy. Do we think the show tries too hard at times to force politics down our throats? Definitely, but this was timely and there were also some great jabs in here about other Republicans as well as Michelle Obama being just as “elitist” as she is because she’s pals with Beyonce. Compared to last week’s “Weekend Update,” though, this was still supbar.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stripping during the monologue – Hey, we’re sure this was some people’s favorite part of the whole show.

Mumford & Sons – For the second straight week, the show really delivered when it came to their musical talent.

Now, we turn to everything else…

“The Finer Things” – Somebody kill this ridiculous “show” about rappers who love high fashion soon. It’s not funny, and the jokes are predictable enough that a comic could have written it in their sleep.

The hypnotism and detective sketches – There is random, and then there is too random. We admire Gordon-Levitt and Bill Hader’s commitment, but that cannot make up for a punchline that is too unrelated to anything to really be funny.


Too much GOP-bashing – This is not to get political, and we’re not endorsing the GOP here by any means. What we are saying, though, is that “SNL” had a few too may mock commercials blasting Republicans this week, and they are a little funnier when they try to offend everyone. Plus, it makes the GOP jokes funnier when they are fewer and far between.

Even though the ratings last week showed that viewers were not missing Andy Samberg, Abby Elliot, and Kristen Wiig last week, we did feel this time as though we missed some of their big characters this time. We needed more familiar faces, in addition to more comedy overall.

What did you think about this week’s edition of the show? We want to hear some more your thoughts below! Be sure to check back in the morning, as we are going to have video highlights from the entire show.


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