‘Big Brother 15’ speculation: Dr. Will, Dan Gheesling’s comments spur new debate

Is it too early for “Big Brother” to have another All-Star season? Probably so, especially since we have had three out of the past four seasons contain at least one person from another season. Personally, we would like to see the show take a season or two off to explore some other ideas with newbies … but eventually, we do think that they are going to have to bring back some of their best players again.

This effectively does bring us back to Dr. Will Kirby’s recent suggestion that he and Dan Gheesling’s should face off in some sort of “clash of the titans” season. We still don’t know how serious he actually is about it, but we know he has an ego and probably does not appreciate the idea of anyone other than him being called the best player of all time. So with that, we’ve come up with our list (probably the last one of the year, since there are only so many of these we can do) about the 14 players who would be best suited for a “legends” season. It doesn’t matter in this case how many times they’ve appeared; they just need to come back regardless. Yes, there are some obvious alliances in here … but they were during All-Stars, too.

Dr. Will Kirby (seasons 2, 7) – As we said, this one is a given. He and Dan are easily the two best players ever, and their reputations could be on the line here.

Dan Gheesling (seasons 10, 14) – Easily, the best player ever of the post-All Stars era. Had he not swore on so many things, he may have been the only two-time winner.

Evel Dick Donato (seasons 8, 13) – Ignore what happened to him in season 13, and just remember how notorious he is for season 8.

Jeff Schroeder (seasons 11, 13) – Big Jeff’s not the best player by any means, but you need someone that casual fans are going o want to root for.

Matt Hoffman (season 12) – A great player ruined by one stupid move to not break up the Brigade. We really just like the idea of having him in the same season as Dan, Dick, and Dr. Will.

Mike “Boogie” Malin (season 2, 7, 14) – Yes, there is an obvious alliance in here … shouldn’t this make him and will even more of a target? Like Janelle, he would be a four-time player.

Ian Terry (season 14) – He’s the reigning champ, so why not? This is also more evidence that most of the great men come from some of the later seasons of the show.

Danielle Reyes (seasons 3, 7) – Still in our minds the best player to never win this game. She could come back and still do really well.

Jun Song (season 4) – It will probably never happen, but we can dream.

Janelle Pierzina (seasons 6, 7, 14) – Janelle would be the only female four-time player, but you cannot dismiss the fact that she is probably the most popular woman in “Big Brother” history.

Daniele Donato (seasons 8, 13) – She was in many ways the female version of Matt during season 13, since she just made one poor move that ended up hurting her game in a big way. With that being said, she is clearly the endurance queen!

Jordan Lloyd (seasons 11, 13) – You may say that she didn’t really deserve to win season 11, but we see her as one of the best social players in the history of the show. Isn’t it great to have a strategy of not being a threat so much that you become a threat?

Rachel Reilly (seasons 12, 13) – She may not be loved by everyone, but you can’t argue with her passion … or the fact that she ended up winning the entire game last year.

Shelly Moore (season 13) – Yes, Shelly made people furious, and this is a lot of season 13 stars on one season. But season 13 really was a strong one for female players, and we want to see if Shelly can work the same game again.

In your mind, who are the 14 greatest “Big Brother” legends out there? We want to hear your list below! If you want to see what we think should change before the start of the new season, be sure to head over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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