‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 8: Neil Patrick Harris denies discontent

For whatever reason, the fact that “How I Met Your Mother” has not been confirmed for a ninth season has led to all sorts of crazy rumors about the future of the show … including that the cast is somehow unhappy and disinterested in sticking around for one more year.

Who is the latest person involved here? It’s none other than Neil Patrick Harris, whose character of Barney Stinson is inching closer and closer to finally marrying Robin at a ceremony that will also mark the first occasion of Ted meeting the mother of his children. In a new post on Twitter, here is what the actor had to say in response to some of the gossip:

“Gadzooks! Lots of stories online saying I want out of HIMYM. Not true! I’m still loving the show, loving Master Stinson. Season 8 will rock.”

Harris is not the only person who has had to deny these rumors over the past few weeks, as both Josh Radnor (Ted) and Jason Segel (Marshall) have each also said that they are far from angry at the thought of continuing the show. Is it possible that these guys are all interested in doing other things? Sure. Radnor has directed two films recently, and most of the rest of the series regulars have appeared in at least one film over the past year whether it be “The Smurfs” or “The Avengers.” You also have to remember that Cobie Smulders, Alyson Hannigan, and Harris are all parents to young children and they want to ensure they have time to spend with them, as well.

There are still enough questions for this show to continue for another two seasons if a renewal happens: we still do not know who is the mother, and there is plenty that has to happen for Barney and Robin to even get together again. However, the show’s executive producers have already said that they will need to know soon if they are making the final season, mostly so they can plan accordingly.

Do you think “How I Met Your Mother” should end after season 8, or continue for one more year?

Photo: CBS

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