‘Big Brother 13’ live feed: the onset of paranoia

What will happen?

On Monday night, things someone managed to become even more chaotic in the “Big Brother” house, and it’s all thanks to a twist that has not even happened yet.

With just about everyone in the game still unsure as to whether or not a player will be returning to the game, the current strategy has shifted from “get rid of Rachel” to “get rid of Lawon thinking he’ll come back” to “wait for a sign from above.” If the right things are said during the eviction later this week, they will opt to get rid of Rachel — otherwise, Lawon will remain the target. Just about everyone seems to be convinced that if the show offers Lawon any sort of cash in return for dropping out of the game, he will take it without question. (Based on what he has said himself, he probably would.)

Of course, the newbies are also currently assuming that they can evict whoever they want, and that person will be evicted. What they don’t realize is that both Shelly and Porsche seem to be on the fence at the moment as to what they want to do — with the pair of them having ties to Jeff, Jordan, and Rachel during various parts of the game.

Do you think that the show, just to make it fascinating, should offer the person evicted this week a sum of money to stay away?

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