‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 video: Watch Michonne take center stage

Our latest promo for “The Walking Dead” season 3 may be for an Italian TV station, but it is still had to deny one thing about it: anything that features Danai Gurira’s character of Michonne is still something very much worth watching.

This video’s primary emphasis is on giving us a proper showcase of the warrior that constitutes part of her personality. We know that this is a woman worth fearing in many ways (after all, she does have a sword), but this is also a woman whose story stretches far deeper than some sort of superficial label that you could place on her thanks to the weapon that she decides to wield. It’s far more aggressive of a showcase than the recent promo photo released by AMC, but you could still make the argument that neither one of these is really an adequate showcase of her full personality.

Michonne is clearly one of the biggest arrivals on the show this season, and we even have a feeling that some would argue she is even more significant than The Governor. Is this really the case? Personally, we find it to be all about interpretation; on one side you have someone who an be looked upon as one of the heroes of the series, while on the other you have someone who is almost without dispute one of Robert Kirkman’s biggest villains. Both will have a huge impact on season 3, and will appear in more than just a few episodes scattered here and there.

Did you enjoy the video of Michonne doing her thing, or is not enough for you? If this is how you feel, you can rectify the situation by watching another promo for the show over at the link here.

Photo: AMC

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