‘Fringe’ season 5: Check out the final season poster!

The final season of “Fringe” is coming up in just one week, so with that in mind, isn’t it time to see some pretty cool new art for the show? Amazingly, the poster that was just unveiled by Fox has managed to be even cooler than we would have otherwise predicted.

What makes this poster one of the best pieces of key art of the season is that it looks completely different than we would have predicted beforehand. It is not similar to some of the show’s recent teasers in any way outside of the presence of the Observers, and it really gives the show a little bit more of a feral edge. When your principal villains are some of the driest people to ever appear on the small screen, you really at times do need someone (or something, in this case) to help liven things up a little bit.

In case you have not heard too much about this season just yet, it is going to revolve largely on trying to save the future in the same period of time that we saw during the “Letters of Transit” episode that was the 19th one of season 4. It will be a journey to protect the past and the future … and yes, Peter and Olivia will be somewhat awkward around their daughter, who is pretty close to being the same age as them. (This, our friends, is the only real similarity between this show and “Once Upon a Time” over on ABC.)

Let’s just hope that by the time that the series’ 13 episodes are done airing, we have a chance to the majority of the questions that we want answer. Note that we don’t say “all questions,” mostly because we are pretty sure that this is going to be impossible with a show like this.

What do you think about this poster? If you want to get way ahead of yourself and check out a few preliminary details about the series finale, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Fox

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