ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5 spoilers: Stana Katic on Beckett, Castle together

We have waited for a rather exhausting four seasons for it to happen, but Richard Castle and and Kate Beckett are finally together. With that, however, comes one very important question: what is going to happen next? We know that they are really going to give this relationship a shot, but that does not mean there will be a perfect, healthy relationship without questions.

When it comes to this very subject Stana Katic gave a rather extensive interview with TVLine, and she explained that the first one of these questions is really going to be coming as soon as the minutes after they are together for the first time:

“The immediate aftermath is she gave herself to him, and she was complete with him and hoped that it meant to him what it meant to her. So those first few moments are that wonderful generosity when you give yourself to somebody, but also that big question mark of [‘is it appreciated?’]”

When it comes to Beckett’s future on the police force, meanwhile, this is also going to come up in the premiere following the aftermath to these two’s hook-up. Katic explains that even though her character is going to be starting off this episode without her badge, it is possible that she will get it back soon. As angry as Victoria Gates may be, she is also smart enough to realize that Beckett is a very important person to have around for one primary reason: she is great at her job, and there is really no replacement for her skills.

By the end of the season premiere (which you can read more about and see photos fromĀ here), we should have the answer to a number of these questions: from how Castle and Beckett are going to define their relationship to whether or not we are going to see her on the force again soon. After all, there is fun to be had and cases to be solved; the show won’t drag this out.

What do you want to see during the premiere?

Photo: ABC

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