‘Big Brother 13’ live feed: Shelly’s mindgames reach a new level

Is she going too far?

To this point in the “Big Brother 13” game, Shelly has somehow managed to be the quiet force to be reckoned with. She has not won a single challenge, but her influence not only played a major role in getting out both Keith and Dominic, but she has gotten it into the heads of many people in the game that she is playing with their best interests in mind.

What is she doing now? Read on if you are fine with seeing some spoilers.

Right now, Rachel better be thanking the lucky stars that Shelly is still in this game. Not only was she a key force in persuading Kalia to put Lawon up as a replacement (in addition to Lawon’s own “strategic” plea), but she is now actually convincing the Head of Household that getting him out the door is the right move. Specifically, she claimed that after the Veto Ceremony, Lawon said that he was putting up both Kalia and Daniele for eviction. In reality, it all seemed to be part of his acting job — but she somehow has planted this seed in Kalia’s mind that getting rid of the game’s biggest floater is the right move to make. (The irony? Kalia is probably going to get herself in trouble next week thanks to her flakiness.)

Shelly has been walking a fine line between playing smart and getting found out, but some people (including Jeff) do finally seem to be starting to figure her out. However, what Shelly has done that is so smart is paint herself as such a caring mother and hard worker that everyone will feel guilty about getting her out of the game — even if she is shady.

What do you think about Shelly’s newest move?

Photo: CBS

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