‘Glee’ first look preview: Chord Overstreet strips … again

Just in case you were wondering if “Glee” was going to just forget the whole Sam Evans-as-White Chocolate story that we saw on the show last season, the following should be some key evidence that this is not going to be happening at all. However, this time Sam is trading a nightclub for what appears to be the McKinley High auditorium.

Once again, the promo for next week’s “Glee” (entitled “Makeover”) is focusing on life in two different cities for our characters, but the struggles are going to be very different. In New York, Rachel is doing her best to move on after Finn has continued to keep her in the dark about what is going on with his life. Sure, he is “giving her space” …  but the space that he is giving her is the size of the Grand Canyon. Meanwhile, we are also going to see more of Sarah Jessica Parker as Kurt’s new Vogue.com boss Isabelle. (Have you seen this crazy photo from the episode yet? You should.)

Now, let’s get back to the reason that most of you are probably reading this article. For whatever reason, Sam decides that the best way to bring attention to his cause in the student elections is by taking some of his clothes off; we don’t exactly get it, but a good many ladies in the audience seem to enjoy it. The best way that we can sum this up really is by saying that it looks like Brittany is going to have some competition for class president this year, which is probably a good thing considering that a second-year senior may not be what McKinley wants representing them, anyway.

Do you want to find out some more news on the dreaded “Break-Up” episode coming up? While it may cause you to shudder in fear, you can check out an official description from the installment over at the link here.

Photo: Fox

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