‘Big Brother 14’ in review: What needs to change before season 15?

We’ve had quite the season in the “Big Brother” house, but before we move on completely from season 14, we have one last bit of unfinished business: talking about where the show goes from here. Fourteen seasons is a long time for any show to be on the air, especially one that is fundamentally the same game every time with different players and challenges. (This is at least the way it’s been since season 2.)

So what can really be done to make this show feel new … or at least improved? While have to start by saying that it already is a good show that many diehard fans take advantage of by constantly complaining about it, there is always room for improvement.

1. Update the house – This is a show that is really starting to look and feel a little dated. In some ways we understand why this is one of the few shows out there still not in HD, but we don’t get why the house really does have to be so similar every single year with some visual splashes here and there. The Big Brother House needs a makeover badly, and people would stop clamoring for hi-def cameras if they at least had something new and shiny to look at.

2. Update the challenges – It’s not easy to design challenges for this house … but it can still be done. “The Glass House” may have been mostly terrible, but they did at least have a few competitions that were pretty exciting. Meanwhile, “Big Brother” had a puzzle game with a ball straight out of 1985. We love having certain things taking place every year, whether it be the Zingbot, endurance challenges, or something involving putting the houeguests were humiliating costumes. The show just can’t rely on tradition alone; it needs to make new ones.

3. One way or the other – Don’t half a cast between newbies and All-Stars. We’re not opposed to returning players if we have a season full of them. The problem now is that there has been a blueprint established based on what Dan did. He knew how the newbies were going to be thinking psychologically being deep into this game, and so he took advantage of it to betray him.

If you do want to see an All-Stars season again, we have a great suggestion here via Dr. Will Kirby.

4. Fewer fish on the live feed – It felt like this season was marred by interruption more than others. We do understand that you cannot have people singing over tte feeds, but coach these people better and also give us more of a opportunity to actually see what is happening in dramatic moments (like Dan vs. Danielle after Shane’s eviction).

Is there one thing that you think that the producers could do better to ensure that we have a better season as a whole? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! Thanks again for reading this summer, and we hope that you stick around to check out more of our other reality TV coverage.

Photo: CBS

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