‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3: Garrett and Noel fight over [spoiler]

Who knew that the local Rosewood costume store was so ripe with drama? In the latest chapter of the “Pretty Little Liars” web series “Pretty Dirty Secrets,” we get to see more than just a few examples of all of the drama that is very much ripe for the picking inside what should be a place for cheesy Halloween party planning.

In this chapter, everything starts off innocent enough with a conversation between Noel Kahn (Brent Daugherty) and new character Shana (Aeriel Miranda) that more or less consists of him hitting on her and inviting him up to his now-infamous cabin. (Let’s just hope that he finds a way to fix the broken window in the secret room first.)

Before he really gets too far into making his not-so-successful move, however, he runs into one major problem: Garrett, who seemingly has already spilled the beans about the kind of guy Noel is. These two exchange some rather brief and heated words, and then at the very end of the episode Shana picks up the phone and gives a very ominous message about what she just witness. Really, though, there is still one major problem with what we are seeing here from this character: if she is a new face to Rosewood from New York City (and South Carolina), who is she going to know to call? Either she is not giving the full information or … okay, let’s just say that she is not giving the full information. There’s really not that many other options here.

Do you want to find out some other news about the upcoming Halloween episode airing October 23? If so, just head over to this link to see what Lucy Hale has to say about some major surprises coming up.

Photo: ABC Family

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