‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Are more Deb realizations coming?

If there was one way for us to best describe what Deb is going to uncover on the upcoming seventh season of “Dexter,” it may be by using the simple phrase of “the tip of the iceberg.” There is so much more out there to be uncovered when it comes to Deb and the secrets held by Dexter Morgan, and we really are looking at a situation that is more “when” rather than “if.”

So what are we talking about her specifically? According to a new report from TV Guide, Jennifer Carpenter’s character is really going to feel like the “worst f—ing detective in the world” (you know she loves her swearing!) that she never figured out what Dexter was up to with Travis Marshall … and possibly everyone else. There is a strong sentiment here that Dexter is not going to be able to keep his status as the Bay Harbor Butcher hidden forever, and once that secret really does come out, the debate is going to rage on a new level as to what she is going to do about it. When it comes to just the body of Travis Marshall, she seems to be willing to look past it and just let the body burn; however, there is a significant difference between working with just one victim and a deadly secret you have been hiding for your entire life.

No matter what happens with Deb, there’s almost no way that it can end well for Dexter. The only feasible options here are that he either ends up dead, she lands in hot water, or he is found out in some way or goes to prison. Hey, our serial killer is already getting careless, as he leaves a blood slide at a crime scene that is later found by LaGuerta.

How quickly do you think that Deb should find out about everything else that Dexter has done? If you want to watch the latest chapter in the “Early Cuts” web series, you can do so by visiting the article over at this link.

Photo: Showtime

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