‘Survivor: Philippines’ debate: Is Zane Knight the worst player ever?

In writing our review of “Survivor: Philippines” last night, we really did not get enough time to truly touch on the complete and utter madness that was Zane Knight’s game. Thanks to his own erratic behavior, trying to be the next Russell Hantz, and completely bombing in the challenge, he managed to torpedo his game in ways we’re not quite sure we have seen before. We don’t know this for sure and will have to ask him later in the day, but we have a feeling that Russell Swan would have went out the door had he just kept his mouth shut.

We have seen some pretty trainwreck first boots before in “Survivor” over the years, but you have to think that Zane ranks pretty high on the list based on the fact that he managed to dominate the premiere in air time even with three returning players. (That’s a rare feat.) Easily, this was the biggest blowup for an early boot since Shannon went berserk in “Nicaragua,” and the craziest first boot since Francesca in “Redemption Island.” Really, though, there is only one tangible explanation for what happened to Zane: he Wanda Shirk’ed his way out of the game.

For those of you who don’t remember, Wanda was a woman who came on “Survivor: Palau” with a huge amount of love for the game, and she decided to spent most of her time singing about it. However, what she did not realize was that in singing about it constantly, she annoyed everyone to the point where she wasn’t picked for a tribe. Rather than singing, Zane just got himself so excited that he proceeded to run around like a crazy person and try to make deals with everyone. He basically plays poker in the same way as Michael Scott: he goes all in on the first hand without really any understanding that he doesn’t need to do that.

Like we said before the season, we really liked Zane, and was hoping that he would go pretty far. However, he instead now has to go down with the lies of Wanda, Johnny Fairplay his second time, and John back in “Survivor: Thailand” as one of the most memorable first boots in the history of this game. You have to do something pretty terrible to be memorable so early on to be remembered later on, so congratulations to Zane: you really did something that terrible.

Where do you think this guy stands in the annals of memorable early exits? We want to hear more of your thoughts below! If you want to go back and read our premiere review, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: CBS


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