‘Big Brother 14’: Where does Ian Terry rank among the winners?

In many ways, we are still in the process of reeling from Ian Terry’s win on “Big Brother 14” Thursday night; and with that, our journey for this season is coming to an end. But before we go, there are three tasks left to do: rank Ian among other past winners (which we are about to do), report on the finale ratings, and then suggest changes for the future. The final two articles will be coming up within the next 24 hours or so, so be on the lookout for that.

So how do we gauge Ian and the other winners? There is really a pretty simple criteria to follow, one that includes strategy, social game, whether or not the jury made the right decision, and also whether external forces (i.e. producers) helped them get the win. We love Eddie McGee, but we can’t really add him here since season 1 was a completely different game.

1. Dr. Will (season 2) – Had Dan won this season, Will would have had competition; but to this day, he is still the standard by which all “Big Brother” players are measured. He is proof that you do’t have to win competitions to be good at this game.

2. Jun Song (season 4) – To this day, the most underrated “Survivor” player ever. Her win gets more and more impressive every time you look at it, and we actually think she could come back, play the same game, and win.

3. Dan Gheesling (season 10) – Perhaps what Dan did the first time around is made even more impressive by the fact that he could not get the jury votes again. It’s hard to win this show, but it’s even harder to do so in a unanimous vote with your integrity intact.

4. Hayden Moss (season 12) – Hayden’s game was so dominant it was almost dull. He won challenges, formed a great alliance, and knew when to take out a mastermind in Matt. Were it not for such people as Britney (who continues to vote based on emotion), Hayden’s win should have been unanimous.

5. Mike “Boogie” Malin (season 7) – In some ways, Boogie’s All-Star game is similar to Ian’s: he was never target #1, but was constantly in the mix of things strategically. After laying low at times early, he eventually came into his own by winning challenges when he needed to. Yes, Dr. Will helped him out greatly, but he was at least a part of the moves.

6. Ian Terry (season 14) – Ian may have been saved thanks to the coaches’ twist week one, but he still did quite a bit to make himself deserving of the win: from winning a number of challenges to showing his growth as a person. Was Dan in some ways robbed? Sure, but that does not make a bad winner here.

7. Drew Daniel (season 5) – Drew was a good player: he had a good alliance, made moves when he had to, and didn’t really anger anyone.He’s really hurt here only by not doing all that much to really stand out from the mold.

8. Maggie Ausburn (season 6) – Probably the ultimately under-the-radar win. It wasn’t exciting, but she also got the job done thanks to “The Friendship,” otherwise known as the worst alliance name ever.

9. Evel Dick Donato (season 8) – A pretty good winner who had America save his butt once thanks to America’s Eric voting to keep him when he really did not want to. Dick did still make a number of moves, though, which is why he is over Jordan (who hid behind Jeff for weeks) and Rachel (who was the¬†beneficiary¬†of “twists” more than once.

10. Rachel Reilly (season 13) – Not to take too much away from what Rachel did, but she had probably more producer influence in her win than any other person here. First, there was the duo twist that automatically gave returnees a chance; then, there was Brendon getting back into the game. Finally, there was then the Pandora’s Box twist that kept her or Jordan from leaving at six.

11. Jordan Lloyd (season 11) – There’s a combination of annoying things here with Jordan. Was she a great social player? Yes, but her win was greatly supported by the coup d’etat twist that was unfair and took some of the flair out of what she did. Plus, Natalie could and should have won had she actually developed a sense of humor and learned not to be so arrogant about her game.

12. Lisa Donahue (season 3) – The original result of a bitter jury. You know that you are not a great winner when the producers change the rules about whether or not the jury can go home during the game just so that this doesn’t happen again.

13. Adam Jasinski (season 9) – A bad winner on a bad season. There’s a reason that we don’t talk about this.

Do you think that Ian is ranked right here; and if not, where would you have put him? We want to hear your thoughts below, and be sure to head over here to read more of what Ian had to say after his win.

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