‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 6 spoilers: First scene from premiere

Do you want to take a look at a sneak peek from the season premiere of “The Big Bang Theory“? Let’s hope so, since we have one for you right here.

The clip by and large features Howard in space, but it also does a great job highlighting something that should feel like a rather familiar dilemma for the character: he is caught between his now-wife Bernadette ad his mother. The one change to the game? He is now arguing with them from space.

The video is really funny for a number of reasons: not only has Howard’s relationship dynamic with his mother not changed a bit ever since first arriving in orbit, but now he is probably going to be at the mercy of a group of astronauts that are going to find it rather funny that he sill argues with his mom. (As a matter of fact, we already know this to be the premise of the second episode this season.)

Is Howard going to be able to work things out with his family? We’re sure he will at some point, and with there being one major reason in mind for it: Bernadette has already proven herself to be just about the most patient woman alive at this point. If she was going to give up on this relationship, we have a feeling that it would have happened a long time before now.

Do you think Howard is going to somehow find a way to reduce the drama in his life while from space? We want to hear from you below.

If you want to find out what Penny’s new “job” is going to be on the show this coming season, there is really only one piece of advice that we can hand down: be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: CBS


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