‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Are Finn and Rachel better off apart … for now?

If you love “Glee,” the odds are in your favor that you love Finn and Rachel, and want to see them together at the end of the day. However, is it possible that we could be going a little while without seeing that happen? If you listen to the new comments from one Lea Michele, it does look very much as though this is going to be happening in the near future.

Speaking as a part of an interview with E! News, Michele had the following to say about why it may be (gasp!) better if these two characters have a little bit of time to find themselves in the world following their time in McKinley:

“I think it might be interesting to see Rachel alone for a while … I think that Rachel and Finn are meant to be. I’m a Finchel forever fan, obviously, but I think it’s interesting seeing her with guys. and I think Brody is a cool pair for her because he’s really confident in his own skin and he’s more like Rachel than Finn is, but I really think it’d be interesting to see her just single in the city.”

Is a hookup between Rachel and Brody inevitable? We don’t want to go so far as to say that just yet, but you have to at least agree that the show is definitely setting things up in a capacity in which this could occur. (Remember the towel. The towel!) Dean Geyer does not appear to be going anywhere in the near future, and we also don’t know where Finn is. While we root for Finchel as much as anyone, it’s pretty understandable that she would be thinking about moving on eventually if the man she once loved suddenly decides to stop contacting her.

What do you think about Lea’s comments, and do you think that it may actually be better to see a single Rachel for a little while? If you want to hear some of the music from Thursday night’s Britney Spears tribute episode (and you must!), be sure to head over to the link here.

Photo: Fox

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