PETA going after NBC’s ‘Animal Practice’ for (you guessed it) animals

Sometimes, there is news that is so inevitable, you almost have to be surprised when you don’t hear about it. With all of this in mind, it was almost a foregone conclusion that PETA was not going to be particularly happy when it comes to all of the animals being involved in the shooting of the new vet-related comedy “Animal Practice.”

In a statement, the outspoken animal-rights group had the following to say about why this show, and in particular the lead Crystal the Monkey, are sending a poor message about the way in which animals should be treated on TV:

“Animals who are thrust into the spotlight of Hollywood are deprived of everything that is natural and important to them throughout their lives. In fact, many of the telltale signs of animal distress and anxiety can be seen throughout NBC’s show. For example, the ‘smile’ that Crystal exhibits on the program is actually an expression that typically indicates fear or aggression in capuchin monkeys.”

We generally try to stay away from offering an opinion on these sort of hot-button issues, but we will offer this up when it comes to the “Animal Practice” case: we don’t really think PETA has all that much to be worried about. Even though the ratings for the first episode were pretty strong during the Olympic Closing Ceremonies, it was also on at a time where almost everyone was forced to watch in order to see The Who. “Animal Practice” also is just a pretty unfunny show, and we can’t see it lasting beyond thirteen episodes.

Plus, we also have to recognize how cruel it is for the talented Justin Kirk in relation to going to such a high-quality show like “Weeds” to something as poor as this.

Do you agree or disagree with PETA on the subject of whether or not animals should be used so extensively for entertainment?

Photo: NBC

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