‘The Bachelorette’: Jef Holm, Emily Maynard face more nasty rumors

Mrs. Carter: Why does everyone seem so interested in breaking up Emily Maynard and Jef Holm?

Only a number of weeks after the former “Bachelorette” first faced rumors that she was cheating on the man that she picked on the ABC show a little earlier this year with someone via text messages, there is new speculation that is starting to come out … and this time, the focus is almost squarely on Jef (and it involves a Burger King, for some reason we don’t understand).

According to a Radar Online “source” (which also happens to be one of his supposed exes), Jef recently spent a little bit of time with a former while while at the burger establishment:

“Jef has been calling and texting his ex-girlfriend for months and she ignored him for a while but just last night they met up.”

So how true is this? Let’s just say for now that it is one whopper of a rumor that seems to be very much not true. It’s always hard to believe a tabloid story when it is coming from an ex, and it also seems incredibly unbelievable that Jef, being a man of great intelligence, would meet up with another person in a public (and well-lit) place knowing that the tabloids are hungry to chew on these sort of things.

Almost as a way of further mocking this, Jef retweeted a message from a fan saying the following:

Next I expect to hear tht Rickis been cheating on both of u with somebody elses parents”

Do you buy any part of this story? Just in case you want even more evidence that Emily and Jef are doing fine, take note that the couple recently took the time to start looking at wedding venues; if you want even more evidence than that, all you have to do is read their interview from “Good Morning America” from a little bit earlier this month over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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