‘Survivor: Philippines’ preview: Highlights from ‘The Talk’ season 25 special

25 seasons is a long time for any show to be on the air, so we more than understand the need for CBS to celebrate this achievement for “Survivor” on Wednesday afternoon’s edition of “The Talk.” The panelists all dressed in facepaint, wore buffs on their heads, and also showed a brief message from Jeff Probst about why he genuinely believes this to be one of the show’s greatest seasons ever. (Does he say this almost every season? More or less, the answer here is “yes.”)

The show also carted out a few of the more notable castaways this season to explain what they had to say about their experience in the Philippines.

Lisa Whelchel – Life has changed for Lisa since she was on “The Facts of Life,” but she did not go on this show to try and recover some essence of her past celebrity; rather, she actually happens to be a pretty big “Survivor” fan and she came across far better than we thought she was going to. She claimed that she did a ton of training in order to prepare for this big gig, and she also did something rather hilarious before even getting to the island: she bought a shirt on eBay that was about a┬átriathlon, and then wore it around even before she was allowed to say something to the other players.

The returnees – We know the story for Michael Skupin, Russell Swan, and Jonathan Penner on this show. They all left the game previously due to injury, and this was their opportunity to have that elusive second chance to give everyone a new impression about themselves. Our first impression? We couldn’t take our attention away from Penner’s luscious mane of hair. Our second impression? That Russell is the sort of guy we would want to party with. He’s just such a fun, nice guy.

The challenge – Just in case all of this was not enough, there was also some hilariousness courtesy of the mock “challenge” that the panelists participated in with the ladies. It was basically a tiny version of a challenge with mud and a puzzle. Was it really that great? Not really, but it was funny. The ultimately winner here was Russell along with Sara Gilbert, and they won camping products for their part of the audience … which were given to everyone else, anyway.

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Photo: CBS

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