‘Big Brother 14’ finale preview: How does this season compare?

We are just about at the end of “Big Brother 14,” and in the middle of our tears and hopes that Ian somehow gets to live in the house with his hammock forever, we have to take an objective look at this season. Was it worth the late nights watching the live feed, and the constant reports about Danielle’s freakouts and Joe playing every side in the house? In a word, yes … but that does not make it the best season ever of the show.

The good news here? Regardless of who wins, this does not cross remotely into the absolutely stellar seasons of “Big Brother” – season 5, season 9, and season 12. It is probably better than last season, too, if for no other reason than that it won’t have a winner in Rachel who producers bent over backwards to try and save. Yes, Dan had a free ride for the first few weeks as a coach, but theoretically the players could have decided to take out Danielle and then him by the same token rather than JoJo.

At the end of the day, we probably have this season around the middle part of the pack. It’s about as good as Dan’s first victory in season 10, but below the great disaster that was season 11 or the madness of All-Stars (which is in our mind the greatest All-Stars season ever created). Seasons 2-3 still have a special place in our heart, too, and these are what we credit for the evolution of the game.

So what really worked this season? We have a few things mixed with some of the bad.

The good – Willie’s expulsion made for some really great drama, and we were introduced to some pretty great characters including Frank and Ian. We don’t love veterans playing newbies, but Dan’s funeral was the stuff of greatness when it just comes to big, dramatic moves that we love to see in this game. Shane going up on the block also has to be ranked close to Lawon volunteering to go home as one of the dumbest moves ever.

The bad – Too many of the same challenges from past seasons, and as much as we enjoyed Frank, the reset riggage to save him was pretty awful. Plus, whatever happened to good women? Last year we at least had Porsche, Shelley, and Kalia; none of the women last year were either this strong or were eliminated too early to do anything. The show needs some more creativity, and the production is starting to feel dated.

Overall, do you think that season 14 measured up to some of the past years, or was it a little too “more of the same” for your taste? Be sure to vote in our poll below!¬†If you want to read some more news about Dan Gheesling’s speech practice in the game leading up to the finale, be sure to check out the story over at this link.

Photo: CBS

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