‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Dan Gheesling’s speech practice

If you are going into the final two with a slim chance of winning, there is really only one thing that you can do in order to turn things around in your favor: try and come up with one of the best speeches possible to blow your opponent out of the water.

For Dan, it’s fair to say that he has already started his practice in the “Big Brother 14” house. Late last night after both Ian and Danielle were asleep, he took a stopwatch into one of the other rooms and started to rattle off his speech, which is where he emphasized a number of key points:

1. Buttering up the jury members by saying that Frank and Shane were beasts, Jenn and Joe were strong social players, Ashley was a wild card, and Britney was an extremely underrated player as a coach.

2. He needed to play a ruthless game not because he “wanted to,” but because he “had to” in order to get the upper hand on them.

3. The purpose of his funeral was twofold: to get people to think he would not work with Danielle again while diverting Britney from the truth that he was trying to backdoor her. In reality, though, didn’t really work when it came to Danielle.

Basically, Dan’s strategy is to try to get people to admire him for what he has done in this game in making it so far, and he seems to be more interested in emphasizing his own strengths rather than put someone else down.

Do you think that Dan is making good arguments here? If you want to check out what Dan called Danielle out on in the house Tuesday night, you can do so by checking out the story over at this link.

Photo: CBS

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