‘Bones’ season 8 spoilers: Booth and Brennan still to fight

When we posted our review of the “Bones” premiere on Monday night, one of the biggest criticisms that we had of the episode as a whole did not really show us the sort of anger from Booth that we would have expected given that the woman he loved in Brennan was away for him from a whole three months with their child. Was it understandable in many ways why she had to do what she did? Sure, but it’s hard to believe that this along will cause him to clam up and not explode.

Speaking in an interview with TVLine, executive producer Stephen Nathan does his best to justify why we haven’t found our more about Booth’s feelings yet, and in between coming up with a good excuse, he also promises that there will be some tension coming up:

“Here’s the thing — [Booth] went three months without the person he loves … “He finally has her back and the last thing he’s going to be is angry. It’s like a honeymoon [period]. Afterwards, other feelings might come up. And believe me, that will be dealt with in [next Monday’s] episode. You’ve never seen them like this. There’s tension we haven’t seen before.”

As for what this episode is going to be about, it is the case that revolves around the death of a divorce lawyer, and a revelation that his wife was actually having an affair with a receptionist. Even though Booth ad Brennan are not married, their relationship is of a similar level and it is fairly easily to say that this sort of environment could be what pushes them over the top in some ways.

Do you think we need to see an argument between these two over Brennan being away for so long? If you want to see what lies ahead even further this season, you can do so over at this link.

Photo: Fox

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