‘Sons of Anarchy’ review: Did Jax and Tara finally [spoiler]?

Does anyone on TV do an epic chase scene on the same level as “Sons of Anarchy“? After watching the event that took place near the end of Tuesday night’s new episode, we have a hard time thinking that the answer here is anything other than “no.” The surprising thing here is that there are a umber of other moments in this episode that were almost equally as exciting.

The chase that happened involved Jax and Nero in one car, as they tried to escape a new threat that was barreling in their direction. It’s pretty clear at this point that Pope wants Jax’s head on a stick, and will do almost anything that he can to make it happen.

On a very different note, love was in the air this week! Or, at least there were the beginnings of some wedding bells between Jax and Tara. Considering the show that this is, though, we knew that the buildup here was not going to be towards any ordinary wedding. Rather, we saw the two at the courthouse in order to tie the knot … and face Gemma’s wrath. In the end, though, she actually did end up getting the couple a pair of “rings,” and it was a rare moment of sweetness surrounded by such much violence and anger. So where does everyone go from here? Well, let’s just say that Jax was happy for about three seconds before he got a call about Pope trying to set him up and get some warrants out for his arrest. Not everyone is going to be willing to help him out anymore, and this is something that he is going to have to deal with head-on. As a matter of fact, we even saw someone take a fall at the end of the episode while Clay sat lifeless at a chair and Gemma went straight into Nero’s arms.

What did you think about this episode? If you want to check outt some more¬†news¬†pertaining to the show’s ratings, you can do by checking out the story over at the link here.

Photo: FX

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