‘The New Normal’ review: Choice words

In the past, we have been a little bit critical of “The New Normal” for it being so focused on trying to enforce a message that it forgets about the comedy. To an extent, this did happen again this week; however, the way in which it happened was in a way that felt more realistic, and we did not really mind so much seeing the characters respond to it.

With David and Bryan, the focus of the primary storyline here was that they were under fire from a man after kissing inside of an outlet mall. We know that this happens in real life, and it was pretty interesting in seeing how it impacted them to try and stand up for other people being attacked. The problem? They quickly realized that not everyone else wants help, and they also have to remember that no one else’s opinions matter more than her own.

As for the other story, it did restore a little bit of balance when it came to comedy, as we saw Shania growing up a little bit too fast when it came to her feelings about boys. She started kissing a guy at school, and this led to a storyline all about Nana kidnapping her granddaughter (and the boy), and the tying to force her to realize that this was a bad path. What was nice in this episode is that Ellen Barkin’s character was a little less about the racism this time, and there was actually some wisdom behind the hate.

It’s strange that two weeks ago, we were high on “Go On” and down on “The New Normal,” but now we’ve switched positions. We’re actually starting to think that there is some great potential here, and we are starting to love these characters more every week.

Do you agree that this show is getting better and better?┬áIf you want to check out some more news pertaining to Ryan Murphy’s new show, you can do so by heading over to the link here.

Photo: NBC

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