‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: The final full day, Willie Hantz news

We are nearing the end of “Big Brother 14,” and this is a time for great celebration and often reflection. First things first, we want to personally thank everyone for tuning in to our updates all season long. We look forward to this time of the year like a three-month Christmas, and we hope you stick around all year to check out our coverage of “Survivor,” “The Amazing Race,” and even “Big Brother Canada” in the new year. Otherwise, we hope to see you back next summer for more craziness.

As for the state of the house, it’s a quiet day (as you would expect). There hasn’t really been any strategy talk, and save from filming a segment with the ladies from “The Talk” there really wasn’t that much else that happened. They have prepared for the finale, and it now looks like they are going to cap off the night with a friendly game of beer pong. Oh, and Ian has been creaking on the hammock all afternoon long. (The hammock is officially his best friend.)

For those curious, everyone is expected to be at the reunion save for Willie Hantz. It’s pretty simple as to why he was not invited: even though he may be great entertainment, it’s also customary for the show to not invite people to the reunion show if they have quit or been expelled. They are also not eligible for America’s player. We’re not for casting a Hantz on every CBS reality show, but we admit that it was still sad that Willie went out the way that he did since there was still a Power of Veto Competition that he could have played in, and JoJo would have been saved regardless. Imagine if Willie had won the Veto and Shane was sent packing week 2 … wouldn’t that have changed the season in a crazy way?

So be sure to check back for one more update later tonight, and we will have more from the feeds moving forward. If you want to see our final edition of the show’s rankings, you can do so by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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