NBC’s ‘Community’ season 4 spoilers: Jeff Winger finally has a dad!

We know that there have been some guest stars already cast on “Community” this season, but we are pretty sure that none of them have been as anticipated or speculated about as the role of Jeff Winger’s dad. We know that Joel McHale has long campaigned for Bill Murray to get the part, but we also know that this is a man who is notorious for playing rather hard to get.

Even though Murray was not ultimately the choice here for the character, we have good news: casting did a really great job here. According to TVLine, Emmy-winner James Brolin has been booked for the role, and will first appear in the show’s Thanksgiving episode. While it is not confirmed, the belief here is that we could see him for more than one episode.

As longtime fans of “Community” know, Jeff’s dad has long been a thorn in his side despite never really even being around. As a matter of fact, the man’s presence causes a stir of emotions in the guy. Think back to the much-lauded “bequeathing” episode, where Jeff was handed the gift of getting to meet his father … only to later find out that dear ol’ dad was really just Pierce Hawthorne playing a prank on him.

If this does end up being the last season of the NBC hit, at least producers can say that they not only went out with a bang, but casted one of the characters that just about every fan in the world was anxious to see.

What do you think about Brolin appearing? We want to hear your thoughts below!┬áIf you do want to watch a crazy new “Community” viral video inspired by Inspector Spacetime, you can do so by checking out the story over at this link.

Photo: NBC

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