‘Pretty Little Liars’: Lucy Hale, ‘Secret Circle’ star split; read his diss

Mrs. Carter: There’s a breakup in the world of “Pretty Little Liars.” However, on this occasion we are not talking about characters on the show.

In a post on Twitter, former “Secret Circle” star Chris Zylka shared some not-so-kind comments about Lucy Hale after a fan commented about their relationship:

“Don’t have a girlfriend. She decided she was too good … Never any disrespect towards anyone. Only if you say what you say you should stick to it. If you say you love then love.”

Zylka has since deleted the first part of this message, but his comments have very well sparked a firestorm of Twitter comments coming his way, and not all of them have been positive.

The only real comment that has come out from Hale about this very subject is the following quote that she posted from an Incubus song:

“it’s not who you were, it’s who you are”

So where do we come down on airing relationship dirty laundry on the internet? Personally, it’s not cool, and all Zylka would have had to do if he had wanted to do anything to respond to this fan was just say that he and Hale had spoken up. This is the second time that his name has been in the headlines for interesting reasons, as he has also been dropped from “American Horror Story” after he reportedly showed no interest in cutting off his famous blonde hair.

What do you think is more surprising here: the breakup, or the way in which Zylka decided to respond to it online? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! If you want to check out some more news when it comes to the life of Hale’s Aria on the show, you can do so by heading over to this link.

Photo: ABC Family

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