‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 8 spoilers: More wedding intrigue in new clip

Do you want another look at the September 24 premiere of “How I Met Your Mother“? The good news that we have a new video that shows us some scenes from before Barney and Robin’s wedding. The bad news? It involves Robin having some fears about whether or not she can pull this off.

We already know that Barney is feeling more than a little bit nervous as to whether or not he could pull this off. So why is Robin starting to have the jitters? We are not entirely sure. It may just be a natural thing for her, given that this is surely not the sort of person she probably anticipated walking down the aisle with earlier in her life. However, the two have fallen for each other more than once, and we have to hope that they end up together considering how many fans are excited about the pairing.

So what else has us intrigued? The fact that there is a line of text saying “ten hours earlier” at the start of the scene. Does this mean that we are going to see something after the wedding? It’s possible, but we also have another guess here for what could actually end up happening: it may be ten hours from this point that Ted actually meets the woman of his dreams, and they are just setting this up to be some sort of reference point.. (Let’s hope that he is not bringing a date to this wedding.) Thus, the question of “who is the mother?” will be answered soon.

What do you think is happening ten hours from when this scene takes place? We want to hear any and all of your theories below!┬áIf you do want some more “How I Met Your Mother” scoop pertaining to (gasp!) breakups, you can find out some info by heading over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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