‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 spoilers: David Anders says…

David Anders had a pretty important role throughout most of “Once Upon a Time’s” first season as the man responsible for keeping David alive in Dr. Whale; however, it may be fair to say that he has an even bigger part to play this fall courtesy of some meaty storylines that we have already seen teased in some promotional images.

So are we on the cusp of finally learning just who this guy is going to play in the fairytale world? It sounds like it. After all, the actor tells Collider in a new interview that he has been well aware of who he was supposed to be in the other world since the very beginning:

“I’ve known my alter-ego since I agreed to do the show. That’s why I did the show. We just wrapped Episode 205, and I’m not saying anything about it because I can’t, but it will knock your socks off, fold them and neatly tuck them in your drawer. It’s that good! It’s really epic, and it’s going to answer a lot of questions. We just wrapped that yesterday.”

We’ve liked to imagine that the name Dr. Whale is in fact some sort of reference to who his alter ego would be, but at this point the giant whale Monstro from “Pinocchio” seems to be a little obvious. Plus, we don’t know how watching a whale would work for an interesting story. It’s almost impossible to speculate as to who he is going to be, but Anders has strongly insinuated that the fifth episode of the season is one where at least some of your questions will be answered.

What character do you want to see Anders play away from Storybrooke? We want to hear some more of your thoughts below! If you want to hear what Jennifer Morrison is saying about the new season, you can do so by reading the story over at this link.

Photo: ABC

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