‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4 spoilers: How Elena, Stefan will stay busy

Just in case anyone managed to forget courtesy of Elena becoming a vampire at the end of “The Vampire Diaries” season 3, there is still plenty of other things going on in the show; as a matter of fact, it may be the combination of all of the moving parts on this series that makes it in part one of the most exciting ones that we have seen just yet.

For more explanation on this very subject, we turn to Kat Graham and what she had to say during a recent interview with E! News:

“I think this is one of our biggest seasons so far. You’re going to see an interesting shift with Elena in the first few episodes … Bonnie is going to meet somebody who is going to have a huge impact on her future.”

As for who Bonnie meets, we have a feeling that it is the mysterious man known as Professor Shane, who will have some sort of back ground for her on the origin of witches, her place in the world, and set the stage for what could be an interesting transformation for the character. As for Elena, we do anticipate her being a vampire changing not only her physicality, but also her priorities in life. Is she going to still feel the need to be with Stefan, or will the knowledge that Damon previously wiped from her brain turn out to be rather valuable?

What are you the most excited about when it comes to this new season? We want to hear some more of your thoughts below! If you want to see the first sneak peek from the premiere and you haven’t already, what are you waiting for? Be sure to pay a visit over to the link here.

Photo: The CW

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