‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: One last move for Dan Gheesling

We are surprised as anyone that Dan keeps finding ways to play people despite it being the final three of “Big Brother 14,” but he is clearly doing it. Not only does he seemingly have it in the bag that he will be the first player in history to make it to the end, but the odds are pretty high that he could make a great argument for himself.

Dan also got a little extra motivation Monday night to throw the final part of the Head of Household Competition to Ian, mostly because he’s going to have a much better chance of getting votes this way than if he sends Danielle or Ian home himself. Here’s what he pulled: Dan celebrated like a crazy person after winning a card game and then allowed himself to¬†mentally¬†shut down and isolated himself from the group. Danielle eventually went and asked him what was wrong, and in an attempt to comfort him said that he had played a really great game, that he is a good person, and that she would be even willing to go to the jury and be an extra vote for him. We don’t know if Danielle was just putting him on, but he started to laugh hysterically when she felt the room over some of the things that she just told him.

While we are tempted to say that Dan has a better shot against Ian in the finale because of this, we also have a feeling that he is really going to have his best chance against Danielle. At least in this case he can make the argument that he played the game harder and was in her ear for every single move that she made; the only locked-in vote she probably has is Shane’s, and while he would have a hard time convincing people like Frank and Ashley, they may want to see a gameplayer win more so than Danielle.

Can you believe Dan is still trying to pull mindgames? If you want to hear more about the appearance on “The Talk” that the houseuests are filming Tuesday morning, be sure to follow the link here.

Photo: CBS

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