‘Hart of Dixie’ season 2 spoilers: Who is Zoe leaning towards?

It’s been a rather long wait, but we are finally just two weeks away from the return of “Hart of Dixie” to TV with some all-new episodes. So with that, are you ready for some answers when it comes to a pressing question among show fans? It may not be definitive just yet, but it is looking a little bit more like Zoe is leaning towards one of the two guys interested in her more so than the other.

Speaking to TVLine in a new interview, executive producer Leila Gerstein suggests that no matter what happens when it comes to Wade and George by the end of the season, fans of one character in particular could be jumping up and down soon:

“I’m sure that Wade fans are going to be very, very happy … What we have done so far [in Season 2] is very strong for ‘Zade’ fans.”

So why would Zoe pick Wade over George, if this is what she is doing? As Gerstein explains, one motivating factor for Zoe is going to be the place that she is with this character physically based on what happened during the season finale:

“It’s more heightened [now] because Zoe’s actually had sex with Wade and also declared her feelings to George — and then had them reciprocated … What was a crush on George has turned into him calling off his wedding and making a huge gesture for her; and what was sexual chemistry with Wade has turned into full-on sex. So, there’s still a lot of push and pull on Zoe, and you will feel both sides continually — even though she does make a decision.”

If Zoe does end up choosing Wade at the end of the day, do you think it is the right choice? Be sure to stay tuned, as we’re going to have some exclusive “Hart of Dixie” scoop coming up not only before the premiere, but also as things really start to get going an episode or two in.

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Photo: The CW

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