‘Glee’ music preview: Hear Samuel Larsen, Chord Overstreet tackle ‘3’

Chord Overstreet and Samuel Larsen are set to have their first standout performance of “Glee” season 4 during Thursday night’s new episode, and it is definitely one that raises all sorts of new questions. For one, is there a new love triangle in the works at McKinley High? In addition to that, we also have all sorts of questions as to just what inspired a character as Christian Joe Hart to suddenly want to start singing a Britney Spears hit in “3” that is all about counting.

While we question the subject matter here, there’s no denying that this is one of the coolest performances of the entire episode coming up. This may be Overstreet’s best vocal ever on the show, and both he, Larsen, and Jenna Ushkowitz show off much more of a playful vibe here than we have seen in most of their performances. Add this to a unique¬†arrangement, and we actually like this more than the original.

Now, let’s turn to some speculation here as to what this means. Is it possible that we are looking at some sort of battle between Sam, Joe, and Tina? We would not even be remotely surprised; after all, love triangles between two guys and a girl are suddenly the “it” thing on TV shows at the moment. This would also be interesting given that at some point during last season, all three of these people were tied to other people; but it is best that we do not read too much into this performance just yet, since it could actually be just an example of the three (natch) performers all wanting to have a good time without thinking about the X-rated nature of the song’s subject matter.

What do you think about how this acoustic rendition “3” sounds?¬†If you want to hear Melissa Benoist’s fantastically-moving take on the song “Everytime,” you can do so by heading over to the link here.

Photo: Fox

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