‘Bones’ season 8 premiere review: Washing machines will never be the same

Bones” fans, the wait is over; and we really did not see it happening quite like this.

After hearing in various interviews over the past few months about how there was going to be some major tension unfolding between Booth and Brennan over her taking off out of town with the couple’s kid in tow. So how upset was Booth really over losing so much of his youngster’s life? Well, outside of one passionate greeting at the start of the episode to our blonde Brennan, he really didn’t seem that upset at all. We probably wouldn’t have handled our other half being away for so long, even though we were happy to see them together again.

What we were not nearly as excited to see? Pelant somehow find a way yet again to get out of this episode not only out of a cell, but on his way to Egypt. From the standpoint of this show, this was certainly a good thing; the longer that the villain is out there, the longer that the heroes have someone to chase after. However, we also have a situation that has to be rather frustrating for the main characters. Is it a little melodramatic that the man has managed to get away yet again? Sure, but at the same time, it’s hard to really be upset when the show itself is so much fun to watch.

Oh, and we have to mention the washing machine scene … mostly because it’s something that everyone is going to be talking about for quite a while.

What did you think about this premiere? If you do want to check out some more about what is coming up on the show, be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: Fox

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